journal mine #7

the book: purple hardcover with a box cut out and “smarty pants” and a tighty purply cutout
the timeframe: c.march 31, 2004-c.august 16, 2005
the covers: outside back-large neptunes‘clones sticker, inside back-lyrics to ‘addicted’ by eeb lakhani, inside front-“you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”-wayne gretzky, procrastination is opportunity’s assasin, if you want your dreams to come true, you have to wake up to them (did i write these? because i know/knew how to quote….
mostly: vietnamese vocab practice, jazz chords, notes from songwriting books, coop radio orientation and history, and chinese astrology facts about the 1979 earth goat

but also:

what are the things that ground you in wonder?

the questions, these are the questions….

-notes from seeing the dalai lama april 18, 2004 in vancouver

-four main distorted understandings:
a) misconceive undesirable to be desirable
b) misconceive transient for permanent
c) misconceive unsatisfactory as satisfactory
d) misconceive reality of selfhood when there is none there

-d) mist be a process that is cultivated, not one that can just be prayed for

-*ENCRATISM*-deliberate abstinence from sex for a period of time in order to build up sexual energy so strong it magnetically attracts others

the following “keep in touch” sampling of questions that i answered on september 17, 2004, december 15, 2004 and may 18th, 2005:

greatest strength: charisma, charisma, laughter/survivalist instinct
greatest weakness: self-defeat/lack of balance, needy, impatience/self-defeat
greatest mistake: not being open/holding grudges (especially against parents), imagining folks to be better than they are and revelling in their memory to fill a void, selling myself short
greatest accomplishment: living in viet nam and learning the language, continuing to learn from mistakes, knowing how to ask for what i want-and actually asking for it

i kind of feel like the answers to “if you died today, what would you want everyone to say about you?”, “if you died today, what would people say about you?”, and “why wouldn’t they say what you wanted them to say?” are best kept private, but it was interesting to see how i answered them. i’ll have to think about whether or not i would answer any of this the same way now, and how it matters to me. oh, my favourite colour held at green the whole time.

-positive characteristics of the goat (1979): charming, diplomatic, imaginative, loving, libidinous, generous, sociable, artistic, adaptable, loyal, lucky, stubborn and aggressive when threatened

-negative characteristics of the goat (1979): passivity, easily led, impatience with petty discipline and regulations

huh. interesting how i wrote the matchups with every sign, but there was nothing about goat/goat links-did i just not see it as a possibility? or does the zodiac just not advise it. i could see how the latter could be true…

the final mystery: i have no idea who c + a almond-brousson are, or why i have their address on manitoba st in vancouver written towards the end of this book, but i’m not blowing up anyone’s spot, as such an address no longer exists. if anyone knows though, hit me.

ps. that’s a fucking amazing couple name, and i may adapt it somehow.


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