the big short-dir. adam mckay

“truth is like poetry and most people fucking hate poetry”

i knew i wanted to see this one since i saw someone get kicked in the ass at a urinal in the trailer that i saw once late last year. i was reminded of it when it was nominated for something at the oscars, but i had no idea that it was directed by adam mckay, or that he has directed so many movies, and so many movies that i like at that-we’ve already got our date planned for the boss, btw.

there was a michael lewis book at the centre of this one though, and brad pitt‘s involvement also hinted that like moneyball, it would be a home run. i love these works that draw me in when i wouldn’t necessarily have been interested in something that i knew nothing about, unlike feinstein‘s baseball book-i had to fire that, despite a great philly free library podcast about it, and his numerous amazing basketball books.

then of course, the stellar and perfectly-cast lineup, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for the director, who has rounded up large groups of amazing actors that play so well off each other, i see you-all on your woody allen.

the quote was amazing, and all that more inspiration for the large-scale collaborative project that i’ve dreamed up to simultaneously kick my own ass (not in a urinal) to finish my solo piece. i’m glad i decided after my writing date with one of my favourite junction writers not to make a deal on a fur coat and choose this movie over zootopia.

home books left: 16
hold books left: 40
cafes lately: fantail, propeller, crema
restos lately: harlem, cafe 668
other people’s netflix lately: grace and frankie
lingots: 5204
library throwback albums lately: rhythm nation, criminal minded, billy ocean’s greatest hits
theatre lately: no strings attached at buddies in bad times
okcupid wackness lately: people confirming dates days in advance, only to text when you’re on the way there, “where is this place?”
raptors lately: losing to boston with a score of 79 on the same night that the bulls lost to the knicks with a score of 79 (coincidence, never)


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