me: “i failed all my tests!”

baby mama: “YAY! here’s to failing many more”

me: “or at least not buying any more papers from the internet!”

i suppose the universe sent me the distractions of having to put out all the fires at work to tide me over until i got the good news, and to set me up for the epic journey to sunnybrook hospital via ttc to support my girl as she held space for her mama, and let me deliver the joint present/and figure this out over a dinner that didn’t taste a thing like tea:

linds: “i don’t know why i’m so concerned about what to wear to coordinate the visits tomorrow..”

me: “well, it is your birthday…”

linds: “true..”

me: “but it’s not your quincinera. wait. IT’S YOUR DOUBLE QUINCINERA. we better go upstairs and see if you have any tulle.”

happy birthday to my dear, strong friend, and shoutout to the doorman with the mostest who not only waited for us after his shift was over, but leaft a note for the occasion on her car that he drew in blue highlighter.

it’s a dope world, if we make it.

bassets in glasses painting at the sunnybrook gift store-i’m coming for you. or at least am going to attempt watercolours to bootleg you. right after i start my official rebrand of the 30th bday as a double quincinera. i’m also counting down the 9 years that it is until my triple quincinera.


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