journal mine #8

the book: 2012 owl-embossed dayplanner (mid-sized) and ribbon fastened
in the secret pocket: my printfiltrator business cards, sika‘s business card, wizards at raptors ticket (feb 3, 2012 section 320, row 16 seat 21), cupe handbill (toronto by wards), sleeve for the original tofu burger (miso sesame flavour)

this one isn’t a journal per se, but it still provided insight into what life was at the time-volunteering at the library, working in organic food (and meeting mark mulcahy!), figuring out prisons and pen pals, weddings, group knitting, strombo-ing, shows, negotiating the city with bash and finding our place(s) in it. oh, and i was in a musical and i made notes along the way:

-educe* (bringing out something that’s inherently in there) vs. induce (succeed in persuading or influencing)
-“i’m not mad at you because you made it, i’m mad at your definition of making it” (lost lyrics june 2th, 2012)
-mothers/martyrs and their deluded/diluted children
-bleeding by example
-2012 goals accomplished: do taxes, pay credit card debt, pay back dinger, get couch, eyes & glasses, apply to manifesTO, write more poems, therapy, pay student loan, monthly massage
-2012 goals outstanding: go to new orleans, get poetry collection together, learn haka, not far from the tree, read for dial-a-story, scan articles for website

not bad, not bad at all…foreshadowing reminders

from my leading to reading sessions:

me: “the tortoise and the….”
student: “whore.”
me: “ok, but with a slight adjustment”
student: “the turd and the hare?”

me (asking a very specific question about rabbits in a book): “what’s the difference between males and females?”
student (giving a very specific and general learned response): “females have babies and can’t run that fast. males can fight and females can’t fight”


same student, different session: “he didn’t feel the sheep shame”
me: “what?”
him: “he didn’t feel sheepish”

from fanen’s citizenship ceremony:

“for those who are chewing gums, do not stick it under my chairs”

“the RCMP are here to help, not hinder, not like some countries back home”

“for the babies who are coming, don’t do it right now”

“congratulations, brigette, you’re going to have yourself a naturally-born canadian there”

“you’re never going to love a country more than you love canada”

i was glad and kind of infuriated to be asked to witness this process-since when are we so self-righteous as a nation?

-“love is a verb, it’s an action”-saul williams (i innerviewed him in the cbc lobby, just before strombo innerviewed him, and what a learning process that was in what energy comes from what energy is put in)

-“i’m not a good mentor until i’m paired with someone who’s very eager”-gabrielle hamilton at the library

-“easy reading is damn hard writing”-nathaniel hawthorne

-“‘powerless’ is easier to hear than admitting that you like alcohol more than your children. relapse is not part of recovery, it’s part of drinking.”-augusten borroughs at the power plant

-“the way to honour something that’s happened to you is to live”-ibid.

-“sometimes the dream is the thing that’s blocking you from having a really great life”-ibid.

-“it takes devotion to make a mixtape, and it’s a dying art. sneaking off with someone’s ipod and downloading songs on the sly is not quite the same thing, but i imagine that’s the wave of the future.” (unknown because it’s uncredited-whomp whomp).

-“to send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart”-phyliss theroux

shoutouts to my goddesses today-new and woke, in this life and the ones that came before. beginning the day making a peace pot under guided meditation was the perfect jumpoff to this snowy april day-dangit if prince isn’t right again.


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