past and pre/sent: hashtag, mood.

“girl how ’bout now?”

“whatever you want”

i remember when i first moved here, and an emcee from montrill asked me, “so, does everyone in toronto love drake, or what?” and at the time, i thought i was immune, but as the years pass, i can’t fight it anymore.

the man can do anything.

it’s that little one (“girl, how bout now?”) that gets me.

and it’s little big moments that get me in general-when he wins that secret beyonce album (“long as you know who you be-long to..oh..oh oh oh oh) and the sampha track from nothing was the same.

this song is so emo and silly, but it’s the epitome of drake-why shouldn’t he celebrate the haters and their role in making sure that he stays winning?

and why can’t i imagine how great the original would be with the bass and sound engineering that’s available now? k-ci wants a duet, and i’m sure he’s not the only one. sign me up.


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