august 1st, prompt 3: “things happen”-wendy macnaughton (a diagram)

i’m pretty sure this one was from the year that i did tequila shots at our summer staff party, i just can’t remember exactly what year that was, and uncharacteristically, i did not record it. i did write auguts 1st and then pointed out how it was an interesting freudian slip of the wrist.

this prompt is a diagram that i am not going to share here (probably because i don’t know how), but i’m sure that it’s google-able. i spent most of this piece comparing the diagram (and life) to an olive, and i am sharing the best and most succinct part:

“Life is the true sport of leisure, pontificated about best not by the folks who actually play, but those that have hours and hours to observe whilst engaging in unhealthy endeavours, grumbling about how those they spectate are replaceable and overpaid. Three strikes and you’re out or in forever, depending on your prison.”

not bad, flossy. not bad at all.

here’s my favourite feedback about it (i know because i wrote it down):

“..the texture, the geometry, the way you measured with words and not numbers…”

see? this is why i love writers’ bootcamp, and why i will always have a glowing testimonial ready.


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