journal mine #9 (of course)

the book: mid-sized, green binding, purple giraffe shadow
the dates: march 22, 2009-no idea
excerpt from inside cover: “i do what i know and do not believe in objectivity because it doesn’t exist and rarely makes for engaging reading. i am engaged.”

this is more disjointed notebook than it is journal, and i don’t credit a lot-it seems like notes from books and conferences and thangs. there are some gems though, including the first time i saw scarlet takes a tumble.

“apathy is the absence of conviction”

“accidentally lose minutes, purposely throw away hours”

“we get mad when people rob our possessions, but not our time”

“Les meilleurs discours sont comme des minijupes-assez long pour couvrir le sujet, assez court pour retenir l’attention.”-raoul peck

this one definitely came from nadine

“Since then, it’s been a year of bliss. I don’t have to go around trying to save everybody anymore, that’s just not my job. I took off the Control Freak crown, and now my headaches are over. That tiara may have been pretty, but it was just too damn tight.”-Jada Pinkett

“rum raisin and hypocrites”

i know who that’s about…

“in short, the drama and the trauma may have taught you that the world is a scary place and that the family is not a place you can depend on to feel protected and comforted.”

“if people invaded your space too quickly after divorce-you can become fixated with your physical space or become too timid to establish those boundaries within your own home”

“children of multiple divorces choose being alone and have a pessimistic view of being able to sustain an intimate relationship or sabotage a good one when it comes time to say ‘yes’.”

all of this is very interesting and unlike me to quote the book they came out of, and a good reminder right now

“i learned the curse of abandonment from the one who stuck around and dependency from the one who left”

that one was an original

“where are female emcees?
“we’re raising your babies and ghostwriting your rhymes”


“real poets love kanye”

from an interview with adam bradley-i don’t know which one of us said it, but we bought thought/think it.

“good artists are always better than their audience needs them to be. there are things you didn’t need to know to appreciate it, but artists have to know how to do it.”

-definitely him.

“hip hop just ran out of dances”-nantali indongo

so i must have been interviewing nomadic at that time, too.

today was a beauty-full day of bonding with lovelies, recruiting for the project, finding a secret patisserie, and buying leather shorts. we missed the studio 54 party, but ate at a mediocre chipotle. it is now raining on top of that jerk snow, so i hope it’s not too slippery tomorrow morning. happy writing sunday, y’all. xo.


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