chi-raq dir. spike lee

“all this over some unarmed women of colour?”

CHI-RAQ Trailer from 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks on Vimeo.

i suppose this is fitting, considering recent college/bay history. i waited until the last showing at the lightbox, and i’m glad that i saw it with a goddess, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

this is the most complete spike lee movie i’ve ever seen, and it almost makes up for red hook. (almost). but seriously, maybe it’s age and reflection, or the combined effects of never giving up trying to understand, but i’m sure that i’ll be seeing this one again, in the theatre.

teyonah parris is perfect as nola darling-part past, present and future. nick cannon probably never would’ve been able to do this movie while he was married to mariah, jennifer hudson and angela bassett have flawless skin and performances, and wesley snipes‘ giggle is everything. the john cusack monologue made me a bit uncomfortable a la vintage spike, but all in all-the messages were there, the visuals were amazing, and his only cameo is his childhood picture that gets at least 6 frames of screentime (good thing i read his book all those years ago).

i’m always interested in peoples’ inspirations, and spike lee vs. the lysistrata peaked the top of my interest. i suppose sometimes it takes that absurdist escapist cinematic experience to tell a true story, especially one that people want to turn a blind eye to, so kudos for making it sexy so that people pay attention.

after the orange and purple clears-here’s something to bring it all the way back to chicago gang violence-and a woman who’s doing it on the real:


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