furiously happy-jenny lawson

“Australia is a very strange country because you spend days running around trying to find wild kangaroos so you can see their majesty and then you eat them on a pizza an hour later.” (185)

“I’m caught in a Mark Twain shame-spiral.” (287)

“Benedict Cumberbatch is like Alan Rickman Benjamin Buttoning.” (19)

“Some men are like dormant volcanoes, always ready to explode with anger. And also always ready to ejaculate everywhere with little warning.” (198)

“Someone once said that if you make something no one hates, no one will ever love it either, and that’s true.” (136)

and so, here we are beginning again with pro-kanye apologist arguments. well, really i should start by stating that i am very jealous of jenny lawson‘s taxidermy raccoons. also, i tried to use the provided raccoon-face cover, but it didn’t quite work. but now it’s officially on my list of things to do.

i think these pull quotes are actually quite indicative of my feelings about this book that made me laugh and think and cringe and wonder about the fine line between genius and very annoying person, but hey-who didn’t know how fine that was?!

i have a crush once again, on a talented and unattainable person, and i am embracing my pattern and my position from the fortress that i have built to write my way out of. it’s the first time that i’ve seen the possibility of lovecrush in this form, so i know it can’t be the last. bigups to our shared half-heritage, i look forward to learning your words and seeing if you keep your promises.


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