0-1: brand new season

“sometimes, relationships get ill”

so we lost a game.

it was only one game.

(sigh). but every year, that gets harder and harder to believe.

but the reason that is is because we keep getting so much better the whole season leading up to the playoffs.

and really, if this team was our child, we’d be celebrating its progress, and the huge accomplishments in a relatively short time period.

but this team is not our child, and it’s much more popular to try to jump in and be the tough-lovin’ hardass dad that nobody really needs or wants.

although i came across as a coach casey apologist yesterday to an uninformed person (who also had the opinion that steve kerr is a great coach-let’s not get started on that one), i am really not a fan of his lineups, especially not during the playoffs when it matters most. also, i’m not quite sure what classifies him as a “defensive” coach, as we always seem to choose not to play any on the player with the hot hand-i mean, it’s not a coincidence that we show up in so much of the kobe tributes-we’re a team that allows folks to make the highlights against. but that was then, obviously not casey at the time, but over the past five years, i’ve seen it over and over again, and yesterday-it must’ve been a big ego boost for paul george, but when nobody else on either team barely cracks double digits, how does mans get 33 points?!

indiana, though a 7th-seed team, has much more playoff experience than us, and much more to prove, with everything they’ve been through in the past couple years. they also have a much more decorated history, including taking lebron‘s team to 7 two years in a row and reggie miller‘s lifetime highlight reels hanging in the wings. they have also seen their roster and their star’s leg decimated, and one of their players refuse to give up the dream of chris brown‘s shittiest hairstyle.

haters gon’ hate, but like those who don’t believe in god when things are going well, and only want see bad shit happening as a sign that god doesn’t exist-sorry, you gotta pick a lane. you have to believe to blame.

so either you discount everything the raptors have done this whole season and say that the playoffs are a whole new season (my position is to celebrate what they’ve accomplished AND see it as a whole new season) or you don’t, but if you do-then you accept that everything the pacers didn’t accomplish also goes out the door, and we truly start new.

i’m sure a lot of teams feel this way, but because it’s the context within which we operate in, it is most pertinent to us right now, as we navigate the air that’s thick with the foggy possibilities of what may be.

toronto‘s relationship with sports teams has been so dysfunctional, and yes-i blame the leafs. the leafs are the parents who left us in the train station as babies, and we’ve been suffering from our abandonment issues ever since.

we win one game-and everyone’s cancelling work and crowning themselves champions.

we lose one game-and everyone is plotting to burn the stadium down and throw themselves off the dvp.

we gotta find a middle ground, people.

it was one game*. one game. not grounds to throw in your bandwagon status and start rooting for the jays (they lost yesterday, too-perhaps in solidarity).

and to all the montreal haters who keep threatening to withhold their support (but freely offer their vitriol)-go ‘head, go away. we don’t need you bringing us down anyways. i hear russell westbrook‘s hiring for minions.

*but if we lose here on monday, it’s over. not only is it historically impossible (sorry, guys-i believe in you a lot, but i’m not pegging this as the year as your four-minute mile), but our overlapping emotional baggages will not allow the important parts of us to make it out of indiana.


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