diaspora dialogues lunch and learn-omar musa

“i feel a bit full of trepidation”

“in malay culture, poetry is woven into the daily fabric”

“you shouldn’t be a writer-you should be in real estate”

“when i was young i was hairy and i was dark so i made a lot of money in europe”

what a lovely opportunity to be in the presence of artists and writers in the afternoon. though the board room was a bit sterile, and the pizza was a bit uninspiring, these quotes, along with some as yet untransferable doodles all came out of the fruit-full meeting.

i was inspired by this poet that i had read about not too long ago in the aaww newsletter, and he obliged my request for the above piece-though i wonder if it’s like “monster mash”, as described by john waters-if he gets tired of performing it, if he feels like it defines him- i didn’t think to ask when i was in front of him, i selfishly wanted to hear it live.

it was better than any of the video recordings.


and i did engage in some mild stalkeration/admiration of his book tour through some of the same neighborhoods that i’ve also been through in the past year, though i stopped short of tweetering him about our all-star point guard since he captioned being impressed by derozan‘s game when he saw my team play in golden state (jelly, all kinds of jelly).

as a fellow half-malaysian NBA-appreciating word worker, i was reminded of the pilgrimage that i must take, and perhaps we’ll work our way to that after mexico city, though like the unspoken confirmations of the unspeakable that i got whilst travelling through viet nam after graduation, i got shivers when he spoke of poetry in malay culture, and when he recounted having enough language to make a book of poetry. hashtag, squad goals.

i hope our paths cross again, though i maintain that there are no accidents and we may have been at school together in a past life.

“i like it. i love it….feels like i sampled true love” ¬†forever ever.

coffee shops lately: crema yorkville, patisserie 27, the abbott, jimmy’s ossington (my fave)
theatre lately: caught at theatre passe-muraille
exhibit lately: strangers at the AGO (thanks, nehal)
danier demise commemorative purchase: leather shorts (formation outfit coming together)
listening to: jill scott, vivian green, liane lahavas (library) universal r&b 1986-2004 (lindsay)

vintage shops lately: breathless vintage, odd finds general store


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