she wrote it

“if you’re willing to hear things as poetry, you will”

“to draw the demons, let them die”

“sadness finds solace”

i first heard about this series four weeks ago-my dear friend meghan morrison sent it my way, but i couldn’t make it then. two weeks ago though, it was a different story. tucked away on the second floor of a cozy yet haunted bar in the annex, some lovely women gathered to write, and welcomed me among their ranks.

it was intimate, beauty-full, casual and non-pretentious. there were varied (yet set) prompts and little bursts of time to write to them and share. it was pouring rain outside, and it was the perfect soundtrack. magically, all (weatherly) precipitation stopped when we wrapped our last exercise.

here are some of my personal gems created that evening:

word bank poem:

everyday conversation
bake crispy
naturally switch
relaxing sometimes
alone again
here ourselves
begin cheese
entertainment finally

from our group “dip”:

what’s the matter with living in the past?
those who forget history are doomed to repeat it
though i guess so are those who remember-shit.

from our solo “dip”:

time is an elastic band-we stretch it as far as it can go, and try not to let it catch our fingers when it snaps back

womens-the group reconvenes this evening at 6pm at the central (603 markham st)-i hope to see you there.


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