the green living show

after a discussion about galen weston‘s empire, and wondering what one would do with all those millions of dollars, i went on a spree (to scale) at the green living show.

i knew that i would reunite with my good friends at unikati, but i didn’t know that once again-i would pick out the same piece as my necklace sister, after not being in touch for a full year. last year, i bought the piece right off her person. this year, i was responsible and only got two pieces-the twin piece was the one of my dreams, with red in it, and the one that i purposely wore a naked palate to display. it is the one that has this amazing creation story. gotta love sustainable beautiful jewelry. and my growing collection of necklaces made of paper.

i also bought some footwear-both a pair of gorgeous one of a kind boots from soul woven, a sample pair of cork pumps and a pair of cork loafers (so comfy-i’ve been living in them during this recent spell of nice weather) from rokcork.

i picked up two bottles of bee propolis, and somehow talked my way into getting my store discount, and got a lovely amethyst, air plant, and artist’s piece from atlas trove. like nicole, i believe that people are attracted to the crystals that they need, and not only was my little procrastination piece specifically for a writer who’s looking to finish a project, it’s also for folks who tend to spend too much money.

so, boo-yah. there kind of couldn’t be a more perfect bookend to this sustainable and fair-trade spending spree, or, how i am choosing to see it-a re-investment of my financial energy.


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