“diamonds (in the back) and pearls….”

a grown and sexy night of well-dressed adults witnessing commonwealth r&b royalty in a stunning venue uptown?


every show henceforth will be a tribute to prince, as i don’t know/love any artists who are not directly inspired by Him. but that one was church 2 the dawn and we all needed to leave some things on the dancefloor.

shoutout to my co-parents who weren’t there because of the celebration that allowed me to wish “happy birthday, prince” in the morning before the show-it went verrry late and i wouldn’t have been able to babysit.

shoutout to all the lovelies (surprise and otherwise) who i was blessed to hold communion with, it was lovely to see you, and i am comforted to know that those who need to find their way somewhere, will.

to my new friend that i bonded with over cathy dennis-heeeey.

to my oldest and my coldest-i sat at the merch table for a sec, so i know you’re the only one who bought the ivana santilli double-vinyl.

to glenn lewis‘ backup singers-i love you. thank you for bringing the most joy to the stage from the pocket that i’ve seen since stephanie mills‘ back vocalists. i always have a special place in my heart for yous.

the walk up to the venue reminded me of broadway in vancity, and the vibe/venue reminded me of the king’s theatre in brooklyn, so i’m glad for the fact that i get to have all the aspects i love in a city that i really love for all of its own treasures.

i’m glad for the car ride home, not only because it was hellalate (i’ll gripe about the time breakdown of sets some other time), but mostly because of the singalongs and afterglow that is best witnessed together.

to amalia-thank you for telling me about secondhand sunday. i woke up a bit late and was moving a bit slow, and told the barista, “to go please, but i have my own coaster” but i made it to ward 21 and got a few classic albums on cd and the shelving set that will become my queen piece. you have an undeniably unique way of sharing.

i almost didn’t make it on this writing sunday, i’ve been feeling hermity and ate a bunch of random food today (including spicy salmon sushi, swiss cheese crackers, a cream soda and slurpee!, the aforementioned coffee, and a giant slab of lemon custard cake) but i’m just sliding in.


oh-i’m pretty sure lemonade is just foreshadowing another family tour, and my immediate reaction was to kiss my teeth when it was over. but, i was entranced the whole way through. (sigh).


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