past and pre/sent: hashtag, mood.

“every night”

“heaven knows”

does life imitate art, or does art imitate life? i feel like this eternal chicken-and-egg dictates so many of our opinions. just the other day, i was present for a conversation between someone who obviously hasn’t listened to any of his music (“it’s not about anything, just his massive ego”) and someone who respects him as an artist, doesn’t care for his lyrics and knows me (“we should stop this because angelica looks like she’s about to blow a gasket”).

but then, is that fair? obviously, the person in question had heard at least some of his music, the difference is that she hasn’t been moved by any of it, and is thus probably not open to any of it. i mean, i don’t care what donald trump thinks or says either, and i’m inclined to think that his whole rhetoric is not about anything but his massive ego, either.

(“2020 i’ma run the whole election”).

i think the takeaway here is that life, like art, has levels. i’ve become a kanye apologist by default for much of his career, and i’m mostly ok with that. i truly do think he’s a genius. his genius is not only his music, though at his best- it’s mostly his music. his genius is his ability to inspire the strongest emotions-on all sides of the spectrum. but most of all, his genius is that he knows exactly how to hit the tuning fork to command the exact response that he wants. so, that brings me back to an ultralight beam of awe, and befuddlement as it would appear that i have also just made a case for trump.

whomp whomp.


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