writing sunday

bootcamp throwback from the very first prompt on the first session on january 9, 2010:

“Toronto is the centre of the universe, so naturally, Tony chose to move to the moon.”

this is all i needed for this quick mashup of all the weekend categories.

i missed yesterday’s because i was tired from my first time “tattooing” session alongside the gracious and talented visual feast at the ROM for friday night lights (whatever the party’s called-this name will do for our purposes). it was a whirlwind that i felt i sat down for at 7pm and looked up and all of a sudden it was 11pm.

shoutout to everyone who shared their stories with us, some were really beauty-full. shoutout to the people who hadn’t as yet been touched, as well. a big “fuck you” to the person who asked if i could do a maori tattoo-though i think by the end of our time together she got that that was mad disrespect-full and ridiculous, though i had to placate her with bootleg henna, so perhaps she learned nothing, but hey-there will always be people who are dead set on learning nothing.

it was a great quick adjustment and challenge as i was expecting to write on paper with calligraphy pens, and not body paint on tricky human skin with fine brushes. but i figured out my lane and appreciate everyone who let me just freestyle some things and vibe it out.

we ended the night on the dancefloor and i actually teared up to the only song that i am glad to have thus far avoided-i would die 4u, because P-nobody wanted you to. nobody. i may have obnoxiously shout-requested “cream”.

last night, i finished my formation magnet collection, because it’s the first of the month and thus, 24 days until beyonce. i’m planning on trading other folks for hand-crafted things, it should be fun.

i’m excited to welcome sj in a few hours and i curse the weather gods for always making it rain when we have to stand outside to watch a game. come on fellas, we gotta get this. you just wanted to win it at home, right?



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