writers’ bootcamp throwback-january 9, 2010-prompt three

prompt: “i should’ve told you this a long time ago but…..”

the drone of her voice escalates until it’s merely a nonsensical buzz. it never mattered what she was saying, but now it’s really as insignificant as her flailing gesticulation. my mouth is swelling and my tongue is growing at an exponential rate, like a wal-mart birthed from gentrification-too loud and offensive for its neighbours to tolerate. in my case, my teeth, lips and roof of mouth were powerless to perform their citizens’ arrest. a single drop of sweat perched precariously atop my brow, and i wonder how she hasn’t noticed that i’ve fallen silent and undoubtably as crimson as her table linen. my impending death in this manner is ironic. my life as an auctioneer passes before me as i squander my last moments cursing the blasted peanut allergy-those little nut bastards seems to work their way into everything, even, it seems-ancient aunt agnes’ mashed potatoes. or perhaps something in them was once prepared on a surface that once touched a peanut. oh well, i should’ve told her a long time ago….but.

this feedback (that i sure came from david) on what stands out or what he liked: “the pretentiousness of his voice- he’s reaching for metaphor before reaching for help”

i should also note that one of his handwritten prompts (two-parter) fell out of the little book that i am currently going through (and mildly editing because i can’t help it) so we’ll see if we get to those.

cafes lately: fika, coffee public (shaw)
restos lately: dirty bird, grand electric, real sports (game 7-and never again-whatever happened to their menu is shit), captain’s boil, hurricane’s (game 1)
raptors history lately: WE’RE IN THE SECOND ROUND for the first time in fifteen years, kyle’s miracle shot and smile
best gift lately: all the libraries toronto by daniel rotsztain (thanks, sj) for reviving the library tour
libraries lately: palmerston, fort york, annette street, bloor/gladstone
cancon lately: jann arden, melanie fiona, ania soul, julie crochetiere,
other listening lately: clean bandit, bryson tiller, lauryn heavy nina simone tribute, patti smith, whitney
hot docs lately: the apology (panel), hip hop evolution
live at the library lately: rupi kaur and junot diaz
denim on denim streak: day 11


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