the heart goes last-margaret atwood

“The past is so much safer, because whatever’s in it has already happened. It can’t be changed; so in a way, there’s nothing to dread.” (189)

“He liked the retro thing about Charmaine, the cookie-ad thing, her prissiness, the way she hardly ever swore. When they’d got married they’d pictured kids, once they could afford them. They still do picture them. Maybe that will happen soon, now that they’re no longer living in their car.” (48)

“Everyone seems quite happy: having two lives means there’s always something different to look forward to. It’s like having a vacation every month. But which life is the vacation and which is the work? Charmaine hardly knows.” (50)

i am hellabehind on this book blog. as the read category mounts and the blogged category stagnates, i am treading water through my january 2016 passages. i’m sure that i read this one because i loved the collection of short stories that was nominated for the toronto book award late last year-the one that i thought was the latest one, but-surprise! madge had a more recent one. i haven’t checked, but at this rate, she probably has another one. what the hell, why has she gotten on the chuck palahniuk calendar as of late? oh well-who cares, as long as she’s producing good books again? just like views-people have been complaining that it’s too long, but the songs are good! they’re not going to change the world, but it’s drake-that’s not his lane. i mean, we all saw what happened when lupe tried to get woke.

i’m not gonna lie-she lost me with the last dystopian series. with the length of time that happened between the last two books, i lost interest completely because i knew that i would’ve had to reread the whole thing, and don’t nobody have time for that. but this is doing dystopia in a way that’s still human enough to relate to.

“Words she would never have used, starved for you being the mildest of them. Words she would never have used before. Vandal words. Sometimes she can’t believe what comes out of her mouth; not to mention what goes into it. She does whatever Max wants.” (54)

“But such an item wouldn’t suit Jocelyn, because she wants something that can feel resentment, and even rage. Feel it and have to repress it. He knows quite a lot about her tastes by now.” (109)

“Hard-shelled women like her can have slushy interiors.” (123)

“More like a super-strong mint: intense while it lasted but quickly finished.” (144)

there are a few crucial relationships here-the one between the two main characters and the one between the people and the increasingly repressive mystery society. the similarities in negotiating both of these situations lie in trust issues. ha! just kidding. well, not really, but you never really know what you’re getting and relationships do require some degree of blind faith, and i presume that’s why they’ve never really worked for me.

“…but he finds the activity calming for the same reasons nail biting is calming: it’s repetitive, it imitates meaningful activity, and it’s violent.” (92)

“Stan got the message. He allowed the chicken assignations. What did that make him? A chicken pimp. Better that than dead.” (66)

“Encourage him to think with his dick, an appendage not noticeably overloaded with brains.” (213)

i like that she doesn’t use “cock”. i hate “cock”. but dick is aiiight. ha. anyways, reusing needles for lethal injections to cut down on waste is ice cold. but it does make sense. but in a world of comfort chickens and escape only being possible disguised as Elvis-impersonating live sex dolls? it makes perfect sense.

way to win everything once again. margaret atwood-the beyonce of the canadian literary game.

libraries lately: st. james town, st. lawrence, city hall, bloor/gladstone
cafes lately: propeller (espresso shake-wazzup), david’s tea (free matcha, y’all)
listening to: ciara, trey songz, monica, bachata, views and badu (all my hotlines are blinging-late and timely)
mulling over: how exactly method man has managed to stay so fine
raptors: currently holding a 3-2 lead over heat (one game closer to the conference finals)
duolingo: 482 day streak, 5607 lingots

favourite article about drake lately: this one (click the dang links that don’t show up unless you hover over them)


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