hashtag, mood.

“leave it at the crib guarantee you wouldn’t miss it”

“ramen can’t fill us, medicare can’t heal us”

the second perfect double album delivery of the year has happened. the first was anti/pablo and the most recent was cain’t use my phone/views. my hotlines came blinging together, and i couldn’t be more thrilled.

erykah badu‘s music is soooo transcendent. i’m holding on commenting on her politics/feminisms, but her music has always been fucking everythang. this tape gave me chills, especially and obviously the track with andre-but the whole thing is beauty-full and perfect. this song just happened to be in my ears while i was procrastinating from filling out this blog, so hey-it’s as good as any to represent just one sliver of my appreciation for her leading by example.

lupe toes the line of folks whose music i’ve not connected with for awhile, but i will always give a chance to. this album wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t cohesive (i believe he’s also just saying a bunch of yoga poses on another track, should’ve linked with janelle). this track stands out because there’s just something about it that sounds like something is happening for him as an artist. i’m not sure what, and i felt the same way about nicki‘s roman reloaded album, but it’s catchy as all hell, 9 minutes long, and multi-layered like cake (cake cake cake).

i’ll be thinking about this music for awhile, and dangit, i like that.

oh-shoutout to patrick and the library for providing the listens.


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