hashtag, moodmusics.

“let’s combine auras (auras)”

i had that conversation about being too old to connect with hip hop last week, with someone older than me who was having a hard time seeing it for future. i get that. but i once again pour out some liquor for all the time and energy spent deciding the porous and rebellious borders and labels of art, people, and movements. from the context of punk and early hip hop spilling into each other, i think the pendulum has come swinging back. this video, yelly kendrick, and the internet have made it so that genre is obsolete, and we can choose to focus on more important parts of the music, if we want to.

i love this album. i mentioned weeks ago that i was surprised by how much. i’ve now renewed it the maximum amount of times, and it has clogged up everything else in my queue but i don’t care. i’ve listened to it on repeat and i recommend it to anyone who might be questioning where hip hop is heading. i mean, the important thing remains where it’s at, and it’s always been right here.

thanks again, TPL.


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