hashtag, moodmusics.

“OT, OT, never much love when we go OT”

shoutout to elisia, the number one fan of this song. he’s just so dang charming, this guy. drizzy‘s got us conflicted, but the longer i stay in toronto, the higher seeing him in concert moves up my list of things to do. i just can’t hate. i don’t think i ever really did, i just didn’t get it. but i did as soon as i listened for the first time, and there’s been no turning back ever since.

may 24 weekend, when i went to visit zahra in windsor and we drove across to the d to see my first baseball game ever at comerica park, one of the players chose this as his walkup song, and it was all i really heard the whole afternoon. we also sat in the 416 lounge, and it was another reminder that they the norther.

i have to say that baseball, or maybe being at the baseball game on a gorgeous sunday in america, is a completely different experience. we got standing room tickets, and just wandered around, which i would never do at a basketball game. it’s also quieter and more leisurely, and there’s an air of peace and freedom that doesn’t seem to come with live sports that i have previously witnessed.

i was puzzled because i know the rules of baseball, how it works, but somehow, the pieces were just not connecting. i was not understanding the science. at all. sometimes, i don’t even think i saw the balls land.

but it’s a game that is ruled by 9s, and that’s a big number for me this year. i look forward to attending some of our confusingly named minor league team’s home games in the next couple of months. my eyes may be very focused on first base.


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