hashtag, moodmusics.

“dre told me you the prototype”

that knock, tho. once again, i’ve been discussing my confidence in kanye‘s legacy. everyone knows by now that college dropout will always be enough for me to pay attention, but when this one came on at work on saturday and we all had the same reaction-to dance very hard and happy-it just pre-proved the point once again.

i think i had (somehow) forgotten for a moment that this was a kanye production. i had forgotten the heavy orchestration period of this music, which came between (and amidst) the genius soul samples and the current cusp of electronica. but of course-it was when i was tempted to steal that concert dvd from the library (but that of course goes against everything i believe in).

we watched the block party bonus material, and of course dood looks crazy because he’s doing an interview while playing video games (thanks for actually cutting that in, though obviously purposely late), but also so very young and the same as he ever was.

i want some breakfast cake.


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