apocalypse for beginners-nicolas dickner

“Nothing looked more like the end of a world than the beginning of another.” (64)

“She, too, would have preferred not to be there. I suddenly understood how there might be something reassuring about the end of the world.” (79)

i remember saying to a former television host how i could see how people would buy into the rapture because it’s an easy way to check out of life and all accountability now. i think the willingness to believe in a “solution” speaks to how powerless people feel in their everyday lives, and there is much at play to make that.

i’m not sure what’s happening right now in the world, with the hyper-focus on technology and violence, and the end of days narrative that’s being spun before our eyes, but as people argue every side to whose lives matter, i get confirmation that we truly do not have that many moves as humans-everything we’ve ever known, and we have yet to solve any problem we’ve ever had.

but the flip side is that we’re as good as we’ve ever been, too. so let’s just choose to be gentle with each other, sing some 90’s r&b songs, have some drinks on a patio, and cuddle up.


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