the sellout-paul beatty (pop life-everyone needs a thrill)

“Maybe morons can’t become brain surgeons, but a genius can be either a cardiologist or a postal clerk.” (125)

“My father had a theory that poor people are the best drivers because they can’t afford to carry car insurance and have to drive like they live, defensively.” (84)

“For those looking to find the thing that you’ve lost, the decision of where to place your handbill is one of the toughest you’ll ever make in life.” (108)

“‘Now at the bottom we’ll have the Untouchables. These are the people who are completely useless. Clippers fans, traffic cops, and people who have dirty jobs where they work with human and animal waste, like yourself.’” (211)

“Daddy never believed in closure. He said it was a false psychological concept. Something invented by therapists to assuage white Western guilt. In all his years of study and practice, he’d never heard a patient of color talk of needing ‘closure’. They needed revenge. They needed distance. Forgiveness and a good lawyer maybe, but never closure. He said people mistake suicide, murder, lap band surgery, interracial marriage, and overtipping for closure, when in reality what they’ve achieved is erasure.” (261)

“Kanye West has announced, ‘I am rap!’ Jay-Z thinks he’s Picasso. And life is fucking fleeting.” (262)

“Needless to say, there’s an anger to Hominy. One that comes from not being as famous as you think you should be.” (69)

i had a recent (heated) discussion (once again) on a rooftop nursing a g&t about whether or not kanye is a genius. as per usual, the other person was arguing that he just straight up has mental problems, and as per usual, i had to make the point that it’s a fine line between true artist, genius, and mental illness.

my favourite is the metaproof here of the genius discussion. i mean, how do you bring this up, kill it, and then make a contemporary tie so neatly if you’re a genius? i’m sayin’….


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