america, fuck yea.

it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

it’s been a week since the height of our time in america on the slightly ridiculous roadtrip that we embarked on from toronto to detroit to chicago to toronto to montrill.

at this time one week ago, we were getting our lives in the gorgeous chicago opera house with emily king and the alabama shakes. dear music, there is only one brittany that matters. hands down. what a force to be reckoned with. all shade to the philistines who left during “over my head”, which became my new “adore”-the show wasn’t over for me until they played it, and indeed, even though i knew it would be the end of the encore (like “the seed” at the cody chestnutt/roots show or “touch the sky” at the glow in the dark tour), it was still amazing.

on our way there, i paid a dollar for a sweet tea at mcdonald’s-which was just as good as popeye’s, and i have to give it up for the fast food and junk food options south of the border-i really do.

i am completely puzzled as to why americans have not wised up to the toxins of styrofoam, though. i felt like the only one who was even concerned, and i feel like that’s a west coast thing. but then again, i am also very offensed by the screens everywhere and the continual broadcast of donald trump, including out of speakers at the gas pump-though that’s fitting, it’s a reminder at the very place of the very resource that people are dying for every day. i sang back “bitch don’t kill my vibe” into that speaker, and i hope that prayer will be answered.

although i went to the motown museum with an emcee last time, this was a totally different experience because i am actually so moved and great-full for the music of the two singer/songwriters that i went with this time. we all cried at different times, and me most at how current marvin gaye‘s “what’s going on” is. it just reminded me that there is a precedent for black and blue lives, though i’m not sure if either matter enough to learn from history at all-but i’ll say it again, we don’t have that many moves as humans. as we descended the stairs into studio a, we all felt the spirits, living and dead, who have breathed the air before us.

i entertained the car by reading aloud from usa today, and while i harboured no disillusion that that is a reputable paper (complimentary from the holiday inn), i had no idea it was that bad. i mean-multiple stories about pokemon, a terribly written expose on crack cocaine use in brazil (“crackolandia”) on the front page of the sports section, and kimye vs. taylor-it’s beginning to look a lot like the national enquirer….

i was glad for a few days in montrill just to kick it-cooking, smoking, shopping, sweetgrass sweeping and laying low to kick it with my sistars. shoutout to bota bota for being my new jumpoff every time i’m in the trill.

my final analysis on america is that their music has always been and will always be the answer to their continued assault on love. i have every hope in my heart for our mesmerizing and ridiculous southern cousins. may you get it together sooner rather than never.

i will continue loving you from afar-this realization made clear my fascination over the years. thank you? and you’re welcome.


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