three strong women-marie ndiaye

“Poor soul, who’d have thought he’d wind up a plump old bird, clumsy flying and strong smelling?” (12, Part 1)

“He’d seen Madame Menotti purse her lips in a mixture of skepticism and vague annoyance-just like, he’d said to himself, a mother who had favorites being complimented on the child she didn’t care for.” (169, Part II)

“Never once had he complained about the overwhelming presence in their life of the baby that never got conceived.” (230, Part III)

i got to the end of this book and still had no idea where it came from-how it got to me. i wasn’t blown away, but i only skimmed the middle part, and it was worth these three passages-coincidentally one from each part.

i like that these three protagonists’ stories lie between generations, and cover all the issues that come with being in that place between parents (and not quite being over the wrongs they have done before we witness them going over the final hump of life) and children (literal or figurative) and all the people in between. i like this discussion of the same issues (on the spectrum) of these folks who could be any of us womens in the world today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

thank you.


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