exceptional circumstances-james bartleman

“But Canada exploits the people of the Third World by bribing their leaders into allowing mining companies to pollute their lands and take their mineral wealth for the benefit of a few fat cats in Toronto and New York. We export our cigarettes around the world and pretend tabacco is good for your health. And you say Canada isn’t a colonial power?” (173)

“That’s the problem with Indians, Metis and Quebeckers. They don’t know they’re both the oppressors and the oppressed. They’ve been brainwashed by the blood-sucking oligarchs, they boot-licking media, the Roman Capitalist Church, and their pussy-footed governments over the years. They need to shed their slave mentality before they can change society.” (173)

“No, it was worse than murder. She had helped execute him. Murders were acts of emotion, revenge, greed, hatred, jealousy, anger. But executions are carried out for cold, impersonal reasons of state or to serve ideological goals. They occupy a different and lower category of abomination.” (225)

i kept thinking that i would figure out where i got this book from, but i never did. it was a smooth read, and i’m great-full for it, but i really had no idea. hopefully at the end of these holds, i won’t have this problem anymore.

there’s obviously a lot here in terms of canadian history, and a lot of bold statements that need to be a bigger part of our greater conversations. oh, canaduh.


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