we learn nothing-tim kreider (art and love)

“But not everybody gets to be free. Some have to stand guard at their own prisons for life.” (47, The Czar’s Daughter)

“Visionaries, prophets, and revolutionaries aren’t concerned with good manners, being nice, fitting in; what they’re concerned with, passionately, singly, often monomaniacally, is the truth. ‘It’s popular to think the world gets changed by delightful people,’ as Rebecca Solnit says, ‘but agents of change are often obsessive, intransigent, unreasonable, and demanding.’” (122-3, Escape From Pony Island)

“And there are still songs that, whenever I hear them, whatever I’m doing, will send me into a moment’s exquisite reverie, like an old injury’s twinge at an oncoming storm. Maybe one reason artists seem so susceptible to love affairs is that being in love is one of the only times when life is anything like art….” (21, The Creature Among Us)

“I have loved women who were saner and kinder than me, for whom I became the best version of myself. But it’s also a relief to be with someone who’s /not/ better than you, who’s just as bad and likes it. With these women, I didn’t have to impersonate a better person than myself; we were complicit, accomplices.” (18, The Creature Walks Among Us)

“It turns out that when there is some conspicuous gap or contradiction at the center of someone’s existence, there is probably a very specific, obvious reason for it, and the reason you’re avoiding confronting it directly is that it’s something you don’t want to know.” (36, The Czar’s Daughter)

“For all his secrecy and his fear of being seen, he was touched that we had observed him so closely, and with such love. He loved that we knew him. This is one reason people need to believe in God-because we want someone to know us, truly, all the way through, even the worst of us.” (42-3, ibid)

“Memory is how we learn anything.” (27, You Can’t Stay Here)

just when i was starting to feel overwhelmed by how far behind i am with this blog and all its elements, i am so great-full for the reminder of this book, all of the lovely pull-quotes, and the fact that the author has a gaggle of other books that will be put on hold as soon as my holds’ list is read down. i also feel particularly triumphant because i remember where i got this from-and that it was the collection of writers who have so eloquently explained why they have chosen not to have children, so that’s another win on this side.

i personally think it’s truly amazing to live in a world where there’s no way i will read all the books and experience all the arts-but i will die very fulfilled in the trying. i can’t tell you who my favourites are at any given moment because my favourites are fleeting, or just very present. for example-i’ve been knowing and loving this audio lineup of joey bada$$, kieza, and big sean for a minute now, but watch maxwell go all old skool and mail me a copy of his latest album, my montrill music fam wayne tennant and nomadic massive provide copies of their latest projects, and the philly free library podcast be so dang amazing that i can let them all rack up and play 7 in a row.

who else tracks progress and learning by how many materials they are enriched by in a given timeframe? i also added the beta vietnamese course to my duolingo roster, and i feel like it might be working, that i am slowly learning the connection between the written and spoken alphabets-woot.

i am glad to be home, to have come out the other side of my latest home inventory (and energy shift) and i am feeling hope-full. 5 weeks or so before my 37th birthday, i remembered being 27 (because it was my decade-ago “mid to mid” parallel) this morning before i got out of bed, and i’m glad that i made it through that because it was a torrid time-oh saturn return, how i do not covet thee.

my project may be forever 27, but i’m glad i’m not.


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