prompt: the seeker

foundation spaces built on quicksand support wandering souls, restless on an endless quest for home

it’s a natural reflex to ask questions, intentionally or not. ever reading, ever travelling, ever listening, ever trying to make or be connections between people, words, musical concepts, ideas, to create living dreams or wake up from nightmares that may or may not really exist.

i never know what i’m going to find so i keep looking. the only constant i know is shift and quit (control).

though i am leaving, sometimes staying is going and going just keeps on staying. circular like the navel i gaze at, in or out, top half dry and feet in or way over my head in synchronized swim.

i try to keep trying and i’m well-fed because of it. adventure is a state of mind.

how did you (david) choose these labels for us?

well, that first line for sure made it into a poem. the rest definitely deserves to.


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