this metrotextual week

“you can play it, if you can play”

“so you know, it’s a blessing and a curse”

“this person got an award for genocide”

it’s been a minute since i did a rundown like this, but these quotes basically highlight my life right now. i have been working long hours, but have been blessed with lovely company, the ghostbusters movie (and subsequent obsession with kate mckinnon-why did nobody tell me?!), paddle boarding with my girl jen at osha osha, starbaby bruja ceremonies, onpoint tarot readings, and the world of pianos opening up to me.

tonight’s victory was my weekly 2-hour allotment at one of my home branches-parkdale-and coming up to find the treasures of nina simone‘s sheet music, beyonce’s 4 album in sheet music, and a hits collection containing abel’s song from 50 shades-whoot! next week’s “lesson”-i see you. i’ve been banging out the muppet show theme, a chopin prelude, mary had a little lamb jazz improv, ii v I chords, end of the road (gotta have a kenneth ‘babyface’ edmonds tune for wayne), and this week-i learned ‘gold’ from the gold experience sheet music that i forgot i had. (shoutout to ohini for holding it for me these last years, though where are my peanuts songbook and alicia keys’ diary songbook?)

i also came into a wealth of basketball books, and restricted myself to britney griner‘s book and one about lebron called the whore of akron, but i did pick up ?uestlove’s book (which features interesting write-ups by fred armisen and amy poehler) and the rap yearbook. (sigh). i love the library sooooo much!

i’ve also been blessed with surprise calls from my pops, who seems to be answering my un/conscious wonderings about my other parent-we had a lovely discussion the other night about love, marriage, “humility” (i had to sit through him telling me how good-looking he is and how he’s got a light about him and it’s not his fault that people want to be in it), family, haters and backstabbers, and i even got a serenade of the evita theme song, with my name subbed in for “argentina”.

i got palo santo, superhit, and little coals to burn my long-resting loose incense, so my fire-sanctifying game is on point.

i also got a dope set of ghanaian hand-woven baskets with my girl-i was only supposed to be there for moral support. but they are proudly holding my belongings all over, and i picked up my acid wash bag after its zipper reset by sole survivor.

it’s cooler after the rain, and although i didn’t get to go swimming on my day off, i am inspired to find more public pools before the season is out. i didn’t even fall of my board into the humber last night, and we went out despite the calls for thunderstorms.

i hear tell of a piano at hart house that may be available, and just noticed the one at the carlton cinema (since i’m noticing such things these days) and can’t wait to whittle down my 2000 hours there as well.

i’ve decided that i’m dedicating 10,000 hours to being an all-round good person and have broken that down into five categories: health, learning, making, sharing, and home. luckily, i’ve already been on a path for all of this already, i’m just doing it more intentionally now.

i was also fortunate enough to witness young‘s latest theatrical creation, bleeders at summerworks, and i ran into so many lovelies there. bigups on (obviously) winning the audience choice award.

i’m sad that i didn’t get to see high blood, though i’m proud to say that i’ve got heart ties to that camp as well, and i got to make one of the stars a matcha when he woke up from the long (and well-deserved) slumber.

i don’t even want to go to sleep, but there’s a lot to get to, and a lot to look forward to, as per usual. love!


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