sausage party-dir. conrad vernon and greg tiernan

“the great beyond is bullshit”

it would seem that this is still the end.

i was first shown the trailer for this movie months ago by my coworkers. i was terrified. granted, i get scared easily at the movies but this seemed to me like over the hedge meets texas chainsaw massacre.

what i wasn’t expecting was the extreme violence, the clever puns, and the constant references to cum and cumming on peoples’ faces and eyes and blinding them from the truth, and the actually disgusting personification of a used condom, replete with jizz.

and then i realized that this is a continuation of the discussions of religion and life after death that the disciples of judd apatow seem to be fixated upon. the lone woman this time is kristen wiig, and i’m not mad about that, but it did bring to attention how many overlapping names were at the marquee, and it’s clear that our global distribution problems not only apply (crucially) to food and water, but also to jobs and representations.

what does it mean when these stoners who seem to have everything, including having figured out a way to make millions sustaining their stonerisms and the stuff of their 12-year old wet dreams, seem terrified of everyone buying into the hype of heaven?

i mean, how the fuck do i know?

i just know that that animated grocery-orgy finale has just trumped the 18-minute puppet sex sequence (that may not have made it into the u$ version) of team america, and honey mustard will stay talking crazy.

also, the mural is gone at the carlton because imagine now owns rainbow cinemas, this movie was shown in theatre 9, locker number 9 gave me back my quarter at the alexandra park pool (which is much bigger than any that i’ve swam in recently), and banh mi bar makes a great iced coffee with not too much condensed milk.

and i had an eclair today, and played the piano at parkdale for a bonus hour-whut whut.


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