eleven rings-phil jackson with phil delehanty

“The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”-Tom Waits

the other night, i decided to swap the word ratio of this blog to 90% mine and 12% the author of the book that i’m dealing with (yup-i studied math with funkmaster flex). i also realize that in this case, it means that the only quote that i’m sharing from coach’s book belongs to tom waits.

(i’ll let that brilliance marinate for a second).

i mean, this one is in every basketball team’s locker room and only slightly less pretentious than the one that he wrote when he was mad at kobe. i think i’m just irked by his paternalistic tone, though i admit that this idea may have been planted in my head by a sports writer.

nope. it comes through clear and loud in phil jackson‘s own voice-as evidenced by the fact that it transcends all the collaborating writers that he’s worked with. i did appreciate the insider information about the bulls’ dynasties, most notably scottie jarring karl malone by whispering into his ear “the mailman doesn’t deliver on sundays”, michael jordan punching steve kerr in the face (why come nobody asked him this season when his team beat that team’s record while he spent the first three months of the season in the hospital?!), how different the entire eastern conference would’ve been if oak had remained a bull and cartwright would’ve stayed a knick (who would mase have bullied ball with?! how would the bulls have gotten all those calls on ewing?!), and how his family has property in ontario so it’s not altogether crazy talk that he could coach the raptors. but i guess he’s still busy doing whatever in new york right now…(sorry, joakim noah-y’all are far from being a dynasty team-like “haven’t even played a single game together yet” far)

i do appreciate his insight on leadership and observing people without imposing your will-how attempting to control is as bad as ignoring altogether, and the true way to change folks is to inspire them to change themselves. i knew there was a reason i needed to roll over this today-some deep breaths have definitely been necessary lately.

but my girls are getting my spa day together in mtl, my goddess understands that i need her to be out before i get on the bus, i exchanged some wearable energy with my fellow ’79 virgo today, and i found church in cleaning the top of my refrigerator today. i must give thanks once again for the soft scrubber recipe that has changed my whole cleaning game (baking soda, castille soap, and essential oils-today’s mix was rosemary, cinnamon and lemongrass)

i set my alarm for yoga, and gave myself the gift of sleeping in on my day off instead. frantic is not an energy that needs to be brought to/from yoga, so i will go another week without iyengar. i found another publicly playable piano at the daniels’ spectrum when i dropped in to hug lovelies at the FU book launch.

my day was cleaning, clearing, circle card reading, incense, colouring, connecting and debuting my indigo-written “missing…” shirt for all the disappeared murdered forgotten neglected sisters.

and now i’m here-because it’s writing sunday.

i have too much compost in my freezer, but i haven’t worked out the right time to put it out, as i have to crawl over all these cars parked to go to the ex, despite the passing of the new bylaw. (sigh). at least i’ll be missing the blasted air show this year because i’ll be vaping with my girls at the spa on the lake instead of blocking this nonsense (people move here to escape war and here we are fully reproducing it for what reason?) and forgetting until i’m in my shower (which is just an aluminum sound tunnel) thinking that it’s truly the end.

i’ve recommitted to listening to all the musics that i haven’t gotten around to (a sister project to reading all the books in my house and on my holds list) and have made the following lineup changes:

-i donated sikh knowledge’s nu high and the a tribe called quest anthology to the library
-i kept and sanctified home to raekwon’s only built for cuban linx, mos def’s black on both sides, the luniz’ lunitk muzik, and tokyo dawn’s the boogie-volume three ( shoutout to amalia for touching all of these by sending me her feature and giving me the tip on the curbside sunday pickups)

i don’t like greatest hits albums-i feel like they’re cheating somehow. well, they are. basically, if your next project is slated to be a greatest hits album or a christmas album, it’s the beginning of the end of your career, and that’s how those albums come across. you’re pulling the songs out of their context and track listing on an album-and even though the other tracks may not have been hits-they made up that artist and that time and that’s something.

on a related note-i am loving the rap yearbook and its arts and words.

and life. life is pretty freakin’ great, even though tensions are rolling into a giant tumbleweed at work, i’m great-full for my time outside of work that allow me to recharge and serve to remind me that there is so much more out there, but it does sustain and inspire me to go out there and grab it.

focus is every thing.

no focus/no love
know focus/know love

i fully jacked that from a church billboard earlier and just now figured out the appropriate substitutions.



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