prompt: diamante poems

they are just on a sheet and they’re kind of dope:

feast /lover

opulence privilege/ familiar body
indulging gorging justifying/ touching tasting sensual
entitlement power greed exploitation/ thoughtlessly taken for granted
mismanagement of resources/ absence of passion
starvation tragedy/ warm shell
famine/ stranger

music /child
harmonious sound/ joy bringer
flowing unified symphony /growing reflecting knowing
assonance value staccato awareness /legacy experience distance continuation
dissonance abrupt cacophony /will-full ignorance
jarring interruption /life giver
noise /parent

hard facts
validity of knowledge
hypothesis proof signs intangible
validity of feeling
solid belief

*i tried to lined them up like diamonds, but they came together so i just dashed them, and it’s kind of neat. oh, unplanned greatness.


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