happy (belated) birthday

“i can feel it in my bones”

anyone who knows me knows that i count my blessings often.

the first person i saw on my 37th year on this earth was miz nadia bashalani, who serenaded me with her own arrangement of that birthday song, and the third was the dashing wayne tennant, who treated me to a lovely brunch (including juice with a twinge of racism) on a charming montrill terrace on a gorgeous morning.

during this brunch, i obtained the pre-requisite modern tidbit on kenneth ‘babyface’ edmonds (he’s on dancing with the stars), lots of laughs, and the knowledge that this video was to be released at 5pm.

i intended to watch it on the bus, but the wifi was nonsense, and i was stuck on there for an hour and a half longer than i anticipated, but was saved by the folks at chipotle at yonge and dundas who decided that i shouldn’t have to buy my own birthday burrito, especially whilst hangry and hefting too many winter clothes (shoutout to my girls for hooking me up with sweater and leather in addition to the spa).

it was lovely to come home to, however, in addition to all my innernet messages and calls with well-wishing and news of my childrens starting school. i truly am very, very blessed. so let me now just share the blessing that is this innovative video of eye and ear candy. if ever you get a chance to see these two live-take it. or regret forever that you just don’t love yourself.

here are some more musical highlights from the day:

– because i am wearing my whispers‘ shirt, nadia‘s husband plays “rock steady” and segues into stanley clarke songs and this is good first music to hear when you wake up
-“when doves cry” playing at the resto (and i’m cursing that i’m missing wayne‘s set at the kvc prince tribute)
– i passed a downtown hotel whose workers were outside picketing to “cotton eye joe” (sigh)-only in montrill
– the first song that played on my ipod when i boarded the bus was “over my head” by the alabama shakes and i got my life at their concert earlier this summer with these two
– unlike my trip into town, the shuffle chose no drake, opting instead for a spectrum of kanye and all the instrumental tracks from undun
– i heard the “i want you back” sample for the first time in “h to the izzo”
kanye and company took to screaming “ric flair” on the good music album and nadia‘s husband is a huge fan of wrestling
– i always seem to connect with d’angelo’s brown sugar album on a bus-i truly got it one year coming back on the midnight bus from new york to montreal when a new friend leant me her copy of the cd so that i could play on my discman (my discman!!!! i believe the only disc i had was the one i made bird make for me of “honey” as many times as it would fit)
– this time i listened to the 1996 live at the london jazz cafe album and wondered if he was ever better than that (i’ll stay wondering because i’ve yet to hear/see him live) also-angie stone is fi-yaaaaah on the back vocals
– i heard the whitney sample for the first time on “tuscan leather” because i opted to listen to nothing was the same (i can’t help it-seven years in toronto makes a drake fan out of anyone)
– the detour allowed me to fall in love once again with good kid m.a.a.d. city

i told my invisible husband of 9 years last night that i believe that i have always been and done the things that i always have, and that i will probably keep on keeping on. reading, writing, laughing, participating in the arts and feeling too many feelings for music and musicians will always be my number one priority, and i’m so great-full for all the beauty-full souls that have synchronized with mine.

may we all keep finding our tribe(s).

and be (re)born with each passing day.

every moment is a choice.

i choose LOVE.


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