dolly parton-09/09/2+0+1+6

“you know me-no rhinestone left unturned”

“i would like to know more about what trump and hillary are going to do for us than to each other. i’m thinking of running myself-there needs to be more boobs in the race”

“i’m no norah jones, but i guess if i mess it up, it was my song to begin with”

“i buy everything two sizes too small and then get it taken in”

i laid down to die at dolly parton’s feet last night and let her resurrect me. it was another long day at work, dazed commute, poor decision to dine at the ol’ bk, and winding walk through the exhibition all the way around to the amphitheatre where i surprisingly have never made it to a concert (ovo-you’re still a squad goal).

i was making my way up the steps to the dark and chaotically impossible to navigate lawn cursing that she was already singing “jolene” but i couldn’t be made at her reasoning to “put her in her place”. luckily, my friends found me, and i literally lay at their feet.

i got my life, though, along with everybody there. i mean-what a dynamo. she’s amazing, she’s hilarious, she’s got the history, present, and as far as i can see-the future. she’s gracious, down to earth, and takes up space like a mug.

70 years old and performing circles around everyone. i was sad because this should’ve been prince for the next 20 years. i was in awe because she’s a musician and a songwriter, and i think this is the difference in the staying power between singers who do these things and singers that don’t-is beyonce going to be here in thirty years? i was downright weepy when she did the one that whitney gave a second wind to-because there just seems to be something not right about the fact that she’s outlasted her.

when i got over my initial annoyance of the venue, i looked and listened to it properly, and come on-it was a perfect night and it’s truly a wonder to behold, with the backdrop of our city’s skyline to complement it perfectly.

i forgot how many of her songs that i didn’t know that i knew, and have to give it up.

as the days come packing their new challenges, i will ask myself “what would dolly do?”

because the answer is “the right thing”.

and it always is.


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