thanks for giving

“love is not just a verb, it’s you looking in the mirror….love is not just a verb it’s you looking for a maybe”

i really wanted to post the video of the talented wayne tennant‘s “damn u” at the kvc prince tribute, but the youtube link isn’t ready yet, so i decided to post this one that’s been in my ears for the last few weeks.

kendrick is king.

just like donald glover. whoo! i didn’t think it would get better than that tamia cover, but then my haitian babymama came through to put atlanta into my computer, and since this is the first time i’ve had to sleep and chill and watch tv, it became another thing for me to be thank-full for.

the first was the way that fall looks in my front room-i’m always floored by the beauty of my favourite season in this apartment. (mother nature, thank you-but could you take it a bit easy on my babymama’s homeland?).

also-i made a beef stew, and will be eating it for days-mmm hmm. i’m happy for my indie coffee passport because i had zero dollars and one of the cafes i have left offered a mocha and was open-woot!

while i was there, i got a text about my home opener ticket and securing the rest of my games for the season-aw yea.

i’m great-full for the clarity that came from my recent situation, and i’m truly glad we met. i’m glad for the heart flutters and the reminder of my (possibly eternal) status as a flight risk. who knew that i had to come to toronto to become a drake fan and heighten my own trust issues.

on a related note, i’m glad that my pops and i have been talking, and our recent conversation where he tried to explain vests to me like it was a new concept and his incorrect usage of the expression “if you can’t beat them, join ’em” in relation to how he picked up my mother in a japanese language school-because i’m still not sure what language they were speaking.

i also for the first time, was thank-full that shopper’s tracks all our purchases because i was able to prove with my optimum card that i purchased a broken umbrella and they gave me my money back, so i had $17 back of my own cash money.

i felt pretty self-righteous because i walked past all those folks in line for uniqlo and kept it moving.

that was short-lived, as i decided instead to go to mcdonald’s and try the thai chicken burger and make my own thanksgiving treat of pies and a petroleum ice cream cone. that meant that i actually stood in line (amongst iphone statues) at the fast food restaurant/asylum on my block and took my money down to $9.

whomp whomp.

easy come, easy go-i guess.

but overall, i’m still up and ever great-full.

every damn day.


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