dig if you will a picture…

of a 29 bus route running effectively.



maybe one day.

but today was not that day. i had an appointment at bloor and spadina at 11:30. i foolishly figured that leaving my house at 10:45 would be plenty of time. instead, the dufferin loop was full of buses and drivers casually smoking and hanging out and just sitting while the buses and streetcars piled up. FS is listed on the schedule and it’s supposed to mean “frequent service, within 10 minutes”. experience shows that this is more like BS. after 20 minutes of this standoff, a bus finally leaves, but alas and alack, it’s not in service.

more waiting.

more vehicle pileups.

finally, one gets going, well-they all go at the same time (of course), and we go two stops when the driver announces that dufferin is closed between queen and dundas so we’re going on a detour. it makes one unscheduled stop, so i’m optimistic, as perhaps i can still make it on time from dundas and ossington. silly of me once again, as no stop was made until dundas and dufferin (big fucking detour, guys). i had to call and postpone my appointment, which was nonsense, but it was a beauty-full day, and i would get off at the now back to regular stop of dufferin and college and take the streetcar. as the daylight of the year wanes, i’m aiming to stay above ground as much as possible.

but, no. the doors do not open at college for some reason, despite many people asking and pushing-really those back doors are like nail polish-the jerk cosmetic that chips immediately upon application, but refuses to come off when you want it to-the back doors will be quick to snap you up in its jaws, but are immovable when you want to get out-venus flytrap-like fuckers.

magically, the “malfunctioning” doors open at the next stop, and i have to get into it with an unemployed (i’m projecting) masturbator about why it’s not the bus driver’s fault and grumble back to college just to see that streetcar zoom past because the stop is on the wrong dang side of the street.

right salty, i decided to turn the day around by giving up on the ttc altogether and walking my ass to bloor and spadina because that way, i KNOW i will get there, and i had two more hours anyway because i had to reschedule the appointment.

my first item of gratitude was the seeming resolution of the road construction along college. my second item was the lightening of my load when i dropped off my library book at college/shaw. third was my iced mate at empire espresso, a coffee shop that i first encountered the day after mimi died and i got a honey lavendar latte at the location outside kensington market thanks to my indie coffee passport. the energy, crystals, and aromas in there were lovely, and there was a nice plaque on the wall that read something along the lines of “be kind-everyone you encounter is having a rough go at life”.

next up, i decided to meander into red pegasus and support some of our regular customers. i found a lovely book of future letters and plan to teef that idea for many more people than the intended.

further along, i ran into my favourite rapper and added to my legacy of accidentally staining rappers’ shoulders with my lipstick. we traded stories of bureaucracy and hugs and continued along our ways.

i dipped into jelly and got myself a pumpkin tiramisu donut because i am now spending money like water. also-pumpkin tiramisu donut.

i make it to spadina and take the streetcar to bloor. i was still early, so i quickly perused the cd offerings at the spadina road branch of the library and bought some crystals (pyrite and amethyst) at the cedar basket gift shop at the native canadian centre of toronto.

afterwards, i continued my walk because by then i had missed my movie. i went through the village because it’s been awhile, and found out that the crosswalks are rainbow, just like they were in philly last summer.

12 for $12 truffles from purdy‘s and a long overdue reunion with young niko where we put my crystals on the table and wrote and shared our lists of characteristics of our ideal partners (sometimes, it’s good to have a witness) and i browsed through too many boring conversations about thanksgiving on his jack’d account.

we headed to the reference library for the 2016 toronto book awards even though i admit this year, i was totally slipping. i did not read any of them before the ceremony (i kind of fell off with the evergreen books as well-but i’ve been reading down my holds’ list!). the only one i’m really excited about is ann y.k. choi‘s book, along with which she plugged the debut of kim’s convenience tonight.

but of course, a white legacy writer won.

i cut the sleeves off my trusty airplane plaid shirt (because of the mysteriously symmetrical rips that appeared a few weeks ago) and burned a mix of desenvoutement/gratitude/storax to purify the new crystals and bring an end to my weekend.

ever great-full,


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