falling in love again

“when you’re out here in the world, i’m still your girl”

yesterday i was heavy on my hibernating, as i need to do. having and making a home is important to me, because how else can we be in the world if we don’t have somewhere to retreat to?

i knew i wasn’t leaving when i whipped up a chicken and mushroom risotto so perfect that i fell in love with my damn self. there’s something so great about making things, but food, art, music and love? that’s the reason we’re here.

cleaning my bathroom with the soft scrubber i made, doing my laundry with the dryer sheets that i made, writing letters on the stationary that i made, updating my puzzle heart structure with the folds that i made, whipping coconut cream and getting it everywhere? ok, that one was a fail.

i almost didn’t make it out at all, but i had to take out the compost and recycling, and decided to get my parka on and head to the water to catch some crisp sunshine and marvel at how cobalt the moving water is, and how periwinkle the sky is, and how lapis lazuli the whole thing together is. with wu-tang in my ears, the vision of my next incarnation of ruth bader ginsberg costume came to me.

that brings me to a thought i’ve been having about millenial albums-due to my disc drive being busted in my computer, i’ve been listening to music in the old skool way of getting cds and bumping them over and over. i’ve found that i’ve fallen in love with albums in this way, but once they’re in the ipod, i’m just *meh. or they’re on a very slow burn. there’s no in-between-and perhaps this is a bigger statement on my relationship to relationships in general, and how i’ve always been lived in the moment, because i’ve been insecure of its disappearance. (sigh).

regardless, bj the chicago kid has been my obsession lately:

and so it would seem that jesus is still walking in chicago…..


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