the corporate mystic-gay hendricks and kate ludeman

“I noticed that when people weren’t listening to me, it was usually because I wasn’t telling the truth” (139)

there’s something to be said about being late and surly-it’s a very specific choice. it’s not late and scatterbrained, nervous and always behind. it’s diva behaviour that keeps on going because not only are you holding everyone up, your stewing energy is bringing everyone down when you finally reach and are in a shitty mood like it’s anyone’s responsibility but your own to take inventory and ownership of your fucking feelings.

it’s the self-absorbed lie that you tell yourself that yours are the only problems that matter, or that you’re the only one that has any. you are not special-everyone is fighting their own battles and you have no right to psychically take up more space than you can hold nicely for people.

asking for help is one thing. putting a defensive wall and throwing childish tantrums from the styrofoam box that you believe is armour and lashing out because you can’t deal with your shit-that’s a whole other thing.

the above quote is from a book that was a zingerman’s recommendation and i almost didn’t want to read it, but i’m glad i did, and concur that they rarely steer me wrong. i suspect i will be thinking about it for a long time, and i want to find a way to challenge some of the folks that i work with to consider it.

another key idea from the book is that wealth is having what you want and enjoying what you have. it’s a simple concept, and it requires constant maintenance and decision making-but the rewards are tremendous.

it is completely fantastic to find a job where you love coming to work and seeing the people that you do, to contribute to something that contributes to you and allows you to maximize the life that you want, and to take no stress home.

it your job isn’t that to you-try to make it so, or step out of the way for people who are willing to work together to do so.

basically-check yo self before you wreck yo self.
‘cuz shirking your personal responsibility is bad for your health


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