“signature analysis” by ellie george-december 19, 2009

– you’ve got a sharp & quick mind, just like a computer, “perceptive”
– you’re “idealistic” with many goals & plans & dreams (ambitious)
– you’re always on-the-go
– you’re self-reliant & independent (you like to do it your way)
– you need your space-to “think”
– sometimes you prefer to be on your own for self-discovery
– you possess a creative flair for designing/art/music
– you’re a bit complex & private
– you’re curious & want to know “why”?
– you’re “optimistic”

i found this and got a kick out of it, so i transcribed it with the original &s and incorrect rabbit ears.

i do believe in these things-i had just met this woman at the craft fair (the santa claus one) and this is all pretty true.


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