upside down

“let your breath fill up all your dark places”

“where is my head?”

i’ve been on a pretty good streak for yoga this fall-the only classes i’ve missed have been bball related. i’ve come to welcome wednesday night yoga, though it makes for a very long day.

tonight, the radical suggestion was to climb the wall and do a supported head stand, and i jumped at it. the world is upside down, so why not?

i am great-full for the lessons on perspective today. i am great-full for the support. i am great-full for the universe that provided everything that i needed.

i experienced a personal attack that truly sucked, and when someone is very set on spreading the hate in her heart, there’s no stopping her, and it’s hard not to absorb some of that vitriol.

but the true feeling of sadness is that person does not have, or does not feel like she has any kind of support system, journal, outlet for her frustrations, or any true friends or colleagues who would encourage her to write a first draft, walk away, and come back and consider how to communicate in a way that would encourage someone(s) to truly hear her.

i have all of these things, people, self-awareness, and experience with self-care and tonight, i am so very blessed with the reminder of how fortunate i am.

i believe in concurrent truths. i know we’ve all been on all sides of that. i believe in third-party justice. i believe the stories that people tell, and the ones they hold.

it hurts to be misunderstood, and that one heckler always seems to leave a larger imprint than an arena of supporters because what if…what if s/he is right?

but lashing out, empty threats, all-caps and contradiction? that is scared, hurt, projecting, and avoiding.

i am sorry for that hurt little girl (i have one too), but she is also wrong.

however, i believe in freedom of speech.

so if you must call for the boycott of hamilton because the players spoke the truth-go for it.

(never mind that the show’s been sold out until forever-you hold onto your boycott, i mean that only furthers your cause, right?)

boycott beyonce because of her superbowl performance.


elect a terrorist/rapist/misogynist/fear-mongering fascist.

for all the hate you drum up in the world in the name of respect and compassion, i will find and make and multiply the love.

i wish you a clean breath for every stunted one you took to write 4500 lines of hate.

and then i wish you the one deep one that we all wish you took if you would’ve taken should you have chosen to edit. (because you were clearly so angry that you couldn’t see past your spelling and grammar mistakes-and yes, i fully accept your charges of pettiness in this area, but hey-i am who i am-a monster).

the good news is, it’s never too late.

life will continue to be about editing and breathing.


hashtag, namaste.


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