“what if we’re all just pigeons, confused by a waffle fry?”

so, mcdonald’s released a new waffle fry for the holidaze, and i can’t deny that i’m curious.

i mean, they’ve been trying new things for quite some time now-the “healthy” menu, the gunning for the tim horton’s coffee crown (and they’ve simultaneously been coming for the mcdonald’s breakfast and burger alternatives), the smaller portion sizes, the “international” and limited edition offerings, the giant iphones that you can order from in store.

usually, this is the marker of a sinking ship in the business world. but mcdonald’s has always been a forerunner, so what if they’re resetting the norm once again? what if, like some of us, instability is the new stability?

i suppose i am loving being erica not only because it is the strongest original canadian programming that i’ve seen since degrassi. not only because it’s shot in toronto and supposed to be toronto, or that it’s under the cbc banner, but i think the real reason is the premise that we go back into time to relive our past so that we can improve who we are in the present.

because even without therapy and/or time travel-this is what life is about. it’s about putting ourselves into each other’s shoes and listening to each other. it’s about paying attention to what’s beyond our own heads. because more often than not, we are struggling concurrently, and we don’t have to do it alone.

i love yoga, but i didn’t go today. i exercised my freedom not to, to get myself a pizza and scrub the bathroom in layers instead. i watched and bawled through many episodes of the show and knit more scarf and did puzzles. i got coffee in the afternoon because i was too late to go in the morning. i added more languages, and another person on the upper side of my duolingo profile. i went for a walk and mailed a letter to my (local) babymama. i listened to and remembered how much i love the fuck out of lupe’s the cool album. i bow down to chicago music makers.

somewhere in all of this, i realized that last night was a do-over in perspective. it showed me that even though i am in the position of influence that the person who threatened me is in her imaginary world, i chose not to deal with someone being rude to me in the way that person did. i’ve been hurt and salty at the injustice of that for the past 18 hours, but now i see (again) that the choice is mine, and i’ll be damned if i just roll over and give it away.

from the streetcar at dundas west station, before we pulled away, i watched a group of about seven pigeons just confused as fuck about the new waffle fry. it was too big for them to eat, and they all just kept flipping it over their heads, it was kind of pitiful to watch them be tripped up by the fried potato product.

but all the frenzied tossing led to the waffle fry being broken up into smaller pieces, and i actually laughed out loud when a smaller bird (a blackbird?) just swooped in and flew away with one of those smaller pieces in its beak as the pigeons remained slipping and tossing the bigger pieces over their heads.

i’d like to thing we’re more than just those pigeons, but sometimes, i’m not sure. sometimes i think we are just those pigeons.

but sometimes we’re not.

sometimes, we are the blackbird, too.


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