“who sends two fake dick pics?”

i’ll admit it-i’m not having the greatest time adjusting to the new moon in sagittarius-shit’s been bananas. but this was a welcome distraction and a question that i never thought i would ask, and i always love those.

shoutout to my sistar and bonus fam, it was a lovely weekend and nice to be with folks who look like me and think like me and just fucking get me and love me in general. to pax and harbourfront walks, 90s dance parties on fake beaches, wings and coke in the lobby and giggling until we fall asleep-i truly love y’all.

and to my homegirl for sharing her true life that i’m committed to writing into fiction one day.

i’m still thinking about this game plan-i mean, how do you expect to get out of this one, bro? two fake dick pics? one is just the profile, but it’s clearly a circumcised dick, everything shaved, and it appears to be of a person with a different skin colour than the ones of your face. the next one matches your complexion, but is no way a believable representation of your body, and the dick is uncut and springing out from a full pubic bush that looks like a throwback to the ’70s.

the whole thing puzzles me-first of all, are you browsing and saving stock dick pics? how much research is involved here? and are you this delusional, or targeting people who you believe are so delusional that they won’t ask a question or just let this slide? or are you just that person who wants to just keep up an imaginary thing over the internet?

well, in this case-it’s not the latter. because he did show up in person, in an obnoxious car with an even more obnoxious spoiler, and because i wanted to make sure that my girl didn’t get took, or at least be able to id this fool, i sat in the back seat, silently laughing about two fake dick picks.

“i do bouncer” is the next revealing fact about this man who only works part-time at sugar daddy’s so that he can become a cop because he “likes to arrest people”. his true desire is to be in the army because he “likes action-in the field and in the bed”.


well, at least this dood showed me that not only white women can act crazy and get away with it.
but don’t worry-they’re still the best at it.

bad new moon in sag, very very bad.


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