“do you do the puzzles?”

in relation to those free puzzles in the dailies, i realize that this is probably a yes or no answer for some people.

i find them, either blank or completed, or one blank and one completed (people usually have a preference between the words or numbers).

to be neighbourly, i try to take them out of the cover issue of the boxes-that way, i’m not robbing someone of the most important page of the paper, and not inundating myself with all the bad news before the day even gets going. i also try to rip them out of the ones that have already been recycled.

because for me, yes, i do the puzzles, but i make sure to read the horoscope, and/or glance at the recipe, which lately, seems to feature waffles for everything, rip out the sudoku for an old coworker (who has no idea that i’ve been clipping them every day since she quit four months ago), and saving the crossword for myself.

sometimes i get them done that day, most of the time, i don’t. i hoard them and do them all at once, and then cut them out and fold them into hearts, press them in my tupac book, and then a week later, i add it to the fishing line full of them that will eventually be some kind of 3D sculpture.

yep, i’m that guy.


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