bag check

-bean sprouts
-fish sauce
-coconut milk soaked rice crackers
-organic mushrooms
-2017 day planner (that i amended from I AM VERY BUSY. to I AM VERY BUSY flossin’)
-jasmine rice
-four lightbulbs
-schmidt’s lavendar-sage cream deodorant (sample size because they didn’t have routine)
-druide organic cleansing lotion
-soma gingerbread spiced toffee
john feinstein’s next man up (hardcover)
-terminator 2 (vhs-picked up on the side of the road on the esplanade to regift)
-keys (on raptor’s chain and newly minted with 10 swims at the st. lawrence community centre)
-king charles spaniel pouch containing all of my beauty essentials (toothbrush, floss, pad, lipstick, lip balm, kiehl’s hand balm in nordstrom sample tin, coffee candy, tissue, toothpaste and photo of my dad at 18, flossin’)

i am off and making canh chua tonight. i was just charmed that i was carrying okra and lightbulbs, but that’s just how i live.

(pack light).


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