seventy bucks (bag check)

so here’s the thing-i like to spend money. i’ve been debt-free for over two years now, always pay off my monthly balance, and earn an honest living. i also support artists, make donations to the library and worthy causes, and generally share liberally.

that being said, i’m sure that i could’ve spent some of my retail therapy on therapy therapy, but everyone self-medicates, right?

i worked a weird split shift today so that i wouldn’t have to go in on my day off tomorrow, and in between, i went up to nations. i wasn’t ready for the sensory overload, but how does one get ready for that?

i completely zoned out and rolled my cart through the aisles, grabbing ingredients to make every vietnamese dessert i know how to make.

here’s what $70 got me from nations:

-one sachet of dried guyabano
-one sachet of green tapioca pearls
-one sachet of dried phillippine mangoes
-one sleeve of glutinous rice pastry
-one pack of mung bean vermicelli
-one large chunk of pumpkin
-one generous bag of pea tips
-5 pack of sesame instant noodles
-one japanese matcha cake
-one bag of persimmons
-three purple sweet potatoes
-one sleeve of duck egg and lotus pastry
-one pack of frozen durian
-one pack of rice paper rolls
-one rum raisin and hazelnut ritter sport chocolate bar
-one bottle hoisin sauce
-one bottle of sesame oil
-one pack of bamboo shoots
-one can of bananas in syrup
-one can of grass jelly
-one can of nata de coco
-one can of palm seed

a few weeks ago, i blinked at sephora at sherway gardens and spent $70 on 8 mini lipsticks by kat von d.

i am living my best life, y’all.


bag check

because it’s particularly ridiculous tonight (and other than the regular purse things):

-2 bags of siracha chips
missy elliot‘s under construction cd
maestro fresh wesorchestrated noise
– cop comedy collection (police academy x 3 and national lampoon‘s loaded weapon)
graham roumieu‘s a really super book about squirrels
f-you‘s memoirs of violence and compassion
errol morris’ gates of heaven/vernon, florida
– blowdryer
– 3 halved zucchinis
– 1 bag of cheese curds
– 1 rainbow chard
– 3 small pomegranates
– mushroom gravy
– small sack of snackimals (vanilla)
– 1 bag of parmesan potato wedges
– 4 lemons
– italian parsley
– baby carrots
– kumato and campari tomatoes (fresh)
– flame grilled canned tomatoes
– bok choy

shout to katie for not making me freeze my balls off with this bag lady haul.