bag check

the bag: the lovely red quilted vintage that i recently acquired in mtl

the contents:

-2 cans of arizona black and white iced tea with ginseng and honey (my current obsession and the object of my wild goose chases as of late)
-book (reading)-shonda rhimes’ year of yes
-phone, keys, pen
-dog purse that has the money in it
-dog purse that has the lipsticks in it
-the following cds that i found on the road near the swansea library:

702 album, truth hurts album, aaliyah are you that somebody single, glitter album, urban underground disc 10, marc anthony i need to know single, swedish house mafia untilone

-book (filling in): start where you are
-book (library tour log): all the libraries toronto


#84 guildwood-the block


“all these guest spots (akon, neyo, gaga, pussycat dolls and teddy riley, timbaland, new edition), i’m curious about this album”

“well, so far it’s already better than magna carta

the statements one never would’ve thought she would hear/make about a NKOTB project. but since life and music are so driven by nostalgia, it makes perfect sense. shoutout to this library (and niko for riding with me) for reminding me that i actually do know every single lyric and adlib to mariah carey’s emotions and that i never even owned the cd (that i’m presently bumping on repeat) because i played the cassette-until it broke. yup, it’s like that. i also checked out built for cuban linx for further nostalgia and the trouble with the curve and harold and kumar’s 3d christmas for cuddling with my baby. joey mcintyre was also recently seen in the heat and that’s the perfect segue to aaron carter recently being beat up in boston because “it’s a NKOTB town”-which is so ridiculous it’s amazing. aaron carter-not even nick, and NKOTB‘s even more played out than BSB-in fact, didn’t they join forces (with boyz II men as well?) i mean, come on people-at least beat up the kids from one direction or something-that would at least make sense. but yo-if robin thicke can burn up the charts with his soundtrack for rape and en vogue can draw crowds to the blocko in 2013, i suppose anything is possible.