streetknit-august 2017

me: “that’s magic”
T: “it’s not magic, it’s textiles”
me: “textiles are magic”
T: “textiles are science

and she blew my whole head up with that.

i love streetknit because the women don’t coddle anyone, though they totally coddle me. they ooh and ah over my not-quite-right projects (a square hat and a hat with an accidental ridge) but always make sure that i’m challenging myself to improve-“can you cast on yet?” “oh, another scarf?”

i love that it’s a space where skill-sharing and bragging meet-“you made those in a month?” “i made these in a week“, and a place where another virgo will still refuse to crochet me a bathing suit, even though it’s my birthday coming up and they’re taking more of my cervix.

it was particularly poppin’ last tuesday, very well attended by people of all ages, and i started another hat on the round. i missed a couple regulars, but made some new friends. there was a lady who was taking attendance. i’m so glad for this group and that i found it so early into my tenure in toronto.

new goal: crochet myself my own dang bathing suit
first steps: learn to crochet


streetknit-july 26, 2011

“you must be really getting into it if you have to take pictures of the stuff”

i’m kinda disappointed that i missed the stich and pitch this year, though my excuse was that i was learning children how to read good wearing a shirt that says “fuck art make war”-oops. but i still get to reap the rewards because michelle spoils me with the colour-fulls, and carol always casts me on, due to my performance anxiety to do it in front of the group. the left is my latest offering, and the new turquoise is this month’s baby. no, i haven’t moved on from scarves yet, but it’s hellagreat to be heckled for it by old ladies. the group got a little heated over whether or not jack layton was busted living in subsidized housing, but that’s the beauty of such community groups-you never know what you’re gonna get. speaking of, the city hall sleepover last night was something, wasn’t it? margaret atwood once again proves her awesomeness in striking the reverse castro brothers that we currently have in office in a clever and meaning-full manner. books 1: donuts 0. on a related note, i learned that the one book idea was born in the seattle public library from their podcast, and highly recommend the recent chris cleave¬†episode where he brings us back to his country’s wartime prime minister’s response to the call to cut arts funding to pay for the war, “if not for the arts, then what are we fighting for?” priorities, my peoples.

streetknit-wise daughters

“you’re such a hippie”

“i don’t mean to offend you, but if you want me to cast on for you, i will…”

i’m glad that i finally had ¬†a chance to experience the monthly streetknit at wise daughters. it’s too bad that the thursday pilot at annette street was a bit of a fail, but it was nice to see some familiar faces. it was great to be in the company of others that squeal and clap at balls of wool, and an opportunity for an observer to soak in some amazing stories. i’m lucky to have access to such amazing knitters, so maybe i will glean some of their genius via osmosis, though i’m on a roll here with my scarves. my ladyfriend came through with my favorite yarn (pictured above) and her usual jokes, and the kind soul that cast on for me (i seem to have some kind of performance anxiety) steered me towards kids knitting books (what a good idea!) and another lady told me about knitting video tutorials. finally, i learned of the ttc knit-along (registration is now full, boo) and stitch n’ pitch, which is the best reason i’ve ever been presented to go to a jays’ game. life is beauty-full.

bookmark-nadia bashalani

there are singers and there are sangers. there are those who insist on the right technical specs because they mount stages to bare their souls. i’ve known a lot of singers, literally and literally, but there are only a handful that i’ve been so moved by that i tear up every single time i see/hear/feel. i met nadia in montrill, and continued to share a closet through our friend tali, but now we live in the same city again, and every time we’re together we have so much fun that we’re completely tuckered out when we leave (sorry, seniors-i’ll stop seeing her on tuesday, but next week i’ll miss you again because of the revue’s book club). her first toronto show of the year happened last night at el mocambo, and she debuted her new song off the top. i’m looking forward to the subsequent shows, and the work that this artist inspires me to keep doing. here’s to bumblebees that fly, and women who know their worth.

the social network-dir. david fincher

justin timberlake needs to calm down. now, don’t get me wrong-dick in a box will forever be my favorite christmas carol, as are his arm pumps in single ladies, but i had my suspicions that he had crossed the line when he started pontificating that he deserved an oscar for his performance in the social network. now that i’ve actually seen the movie, i breathe easily knowing that my instincts continue to be correct. it was a side of the facebook saga that i had no idea about, the napster connection, and he was good, but-he was just acting like justin timberlake, or whomever it is that he parades around onscreen. on the last snowstorm hurrah of “spring”, we walked from work to the runnymede library after making a pit stop at crema, and settled in to catch the flick with a room full of people, some unlike the characters in ragged company. the beauty of it all is that it’s a movie about how the facebook ebbed and flowed, screened in the public library (what i believe to be the greatest public institution ever(ywhere), and i was there because a co-knitter at streetknit told me about it at the monthly gathering at another library. social networking, what?! there are some that believe that this film is indicative to “our generation”, and then…there are those of us who are sure that the humans will stay winning. there is no competition. woot.