dear parkdale…

i am so excited that i signed up for the writing workshop at my library that started last wednesday.

i am always up for quick, prompt-based writing with strangers, and i learned some new (to me) rules about haiku. i only knew 5-7-5, i didn’t know that they cannot be a simile or metaphor, and that they must involve nature. huh.

here are the somes that i wrote about the neighbourhood:

my sketchy solace
colour me falling in love
cold sanctuary

teeny bachelor
with high ceilings was perfect
no things after fleas

autumn leaves fall in
perfect light in the front room
worshipping sunday

quick circle of life
senior cat slayed baby mouse
and then her mother

and some non-sestina/sestinas:

seeking sanctuary in the city,
all i found was fleas
ignored red flags and sketchy landlords
cautious of falling again
missing the solace for the trees
that first year, my gratitude
was as frozen as the olive oil, -25degrees

there’s room for everyone
as far as our minds can reach
the streetcar arrives
and people cram into the first two feet
different languages, different destinations, different hygiene
but everyone gets to where they’re going, even the fleas.

i did throw the whole thing by contributing “fleas” as my word to the soup, but people really ran with it. shoutout to lindsay and the love lettering project, this was a lot of fun-see you next week!


the prize winner of defiance, ohio-jane anderson

“death by jello is highly unlikely”. this is just one of the superbly delivered lines of dialogue from the mouth of julianne moore, the ever-stunning. woody harrelson does a great job as her alcoholic and helpless husband, and i realize that he’s kind of slept-on, what with cheers and the spray-on hair. the best line the wife utters to the husband? “i don’t need you to make me happy. i just need you to leave me alone when i am”. and just what would a woman left to support twelve (or 13? i lost count) kids with little help from a deadbeat stickaround dad with a complex that he can’t provide for his loinfruit do? draw on her once promising career as a writer to win jingle contests, find community with other housewives who find themselves in the same predicament/desire to do something with their time and talents. the absolute best message? “intelligence has been linked to the willingness to eat unfamiliar foods”. thanks, st.clair/silverthorn, and sorry again about the overdues.