i don’t know what you know me from-judy greer

“I have been intolerant for years, but the idea for a perfume about it started with some prednisone and a bitch in Starbucks.” (153)

i love actors like judy greer or don cheadle-the ones that stay working and avoid the trappings of “fame” to an extent. the ones that choose to make it about the work. i love that she talks about reading her annoying old journals (i don’t think i could be that brave-though there are enough of them here, though a surprising number of them not here), getting married without shacking up (another advocate for this-i suspect it’s the way to go), and this book in the vein of an easily read life story by a performer went quickly and easily. i’m glad that she was my last red chair interview-i can’t really remember my first at all-so this was a great bookend, or, just an end.

“I just liked listening to my Madonna records, and practicing the piano really cut into that time for me.” (27)

for me, it was whitney’s first album. that was really all i ever wanted to do. the piano wasn’t even second fiddle. i’ve been thinking a lot about my relationship with that instrument now that i’m doing the artist’s way again for the first time.

“When life is awesome, it keeps my head from getting too big, and when things are shitty, it reminds me that my life is still pretty awesome.” (231)

“But she always blooms where she’s planted and soon got promoted from regular nurse to running her unit at the hospital.” (23)

now that i’m back among the speaking, and i’ve probably slept for more hours than i’ve been awake since thursday, i can be great-full for the abundance in my life, and the fact that there was a reference to friday night lights within the first two chapters of this book-clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

one story, one song-richard wagamese

“Love is not about rescue, I understand now-it’s about allowing.” (100)

“It seems to me sometimes that seasons leave us in the way people do, never just gone, but degree by degree, fading like the smell on a loved one’s favourite sweater, until the vanishing one day evolves into memory.” (1)

“Anger creates barriers. Resentment builds distance.” (24

“months go by, and only see him for the weekend”

i’ve said before that i think richard wagamese is a national treasure. i’m rarely wrong on such matters. one of the things that i love most about his writing is his ability to present a concise idea in a sentence.

“Life can pulverize your spirit.” (77)

“Let’s use language to write us, not divide us. It’s really just as simple as that.” (67)

“Full of grace. Grace-full…I still can’t dance, but I’ve learned that sometimes I can fly.” (23)

“It’s worrisome, this global warming.” (124)

“But the power of teachings is their ability to simmer beneath the surface.” (73)

he is also one of those rare writing animals who is equally skilled and effective when writing non-fiction and fiction. i appreciate having a body of work to read into (thanks, librarians, for always nudging me) and it’s also lovely to see how everything overlaps.

“It saddened me that people can’t recognize the larger impact of their actions, or often the effect of their inaction, either.” (37)

“Starvation doesn’t just mean not having food-starvation of the spirit is long, debilitating and lonely. Few people ever have to think about that.” (44)

“It’s our brokenness that allows us to heal each other, not the fronts of stoic capability we display.” (84)

“My fear of conflict is residue from when I was a kid and was allowed no voice and given no credit for my opinions or thoughts.” (91)

“Of all the things that a history of displacement takes away from a people, the sense of wonder is the hardest loss of all.” (118)

“We don’t need a national day of protest. What we need is a national day of communication. We need to foster human understanding.” (132)

i have been feeling uninspired thus far to participate in pride-but to be fair, my stomach hasn’t been right and i’m kinda going through a thing right now. but, after a few days of being rested and feeding my self right, as well as cleaning a major part of my kitchen (like the bathroom, it’s going to be a process), i’m feeling good about making it to the ill nana stage (church and wellesely) before it’s over-fingers crossed that it’s an easy close like last night and we’ll be out of there quick and the ttc will live up to all its fancy bus passes and get us to the village on time. xo toronto-i love you.