half empty-david rakoff

“Funny thing about words. Regarded individually or encountered in newspapers or books (written by other people), they are as lovely and blameless as talcum-sweet babies. String them together in a sentence of your own, however, and these cooing infants become a savage gang straight out of Lord of the Flies, a sullen coven with neither conscience or allegiance.” (57-8)

fitting that i’m choosing this one on the night that i’m watching say my name, a documentary that i’ve already seen, but it cannot hurt to watch again. i thought i had tributized all the rakoffs all at once, but i don’t have it marked in my notes. notes are not always reliable, but tonight, i’m trusting.

“Nothing assails the writer’s credibility more than the pleasant childhood.” (29)

as lindsay and i were trading stories about dogs and dads yesterday after spending our hard-earned money at the “we don’t give a shit farmer’s market”, this point couldn’t have been clearer.

“Like all omniscient machines possessed of benevolent intent but lacking decision-making power, it is a she.” (120)

there’s a video of a female cypher that’s circulating right now and the flows are pretty great, but the lyrics aren’t that great-and maybe that doesn’t matter anymore, but i can’t help but feel feelings when folks that have been all about lyrics are co-signing. this movie is great because unlike the old man rap movies (ice-t, i see ya) that have been happening as of late, it’s not self-righteous and exclusionary, but cross-generational and real. the experience is really different as a woman, and this is reflected in the charm of roxanne shante reminiscing about recording “roxanne’s revenge” in between loads of laundry, and seeing her rock the mic as a youngun in a turtleneck and a sweatshirt. perhaps it’s the british pov, the non-american look at this musics that we love so much. even the diversity in the answer of “do women have it harder in hip hop?” is worth the look. it’s nice to see estelle rapping, in the context of her career as an r&b singer, and that brings us back to badu or angie stone, and the reason i borrowed the movie again (it came up under a search for badu)

“Del’s supper was a Tupperware container of unhulled grains and some dark, leafy greens. If a Joan Baez song could be food this was it; a sad and earnest cloacal scouring pad of a meal.” (187)

“I get it that representation is reality’s more photogenic flip side.” (50)

“But it’s like the Internet date who didn’t lie, exactly; he is an underwear model, but for a prosthetics catalog.” (156)

oh, the internets. it’s fun for a temporary dalliance, but let’s not get it twisted. it’s not reality-i maintain. and i was wary of my therapist’s recommendation of why men love bitches, but there is actually a lot of truth in it and it’s also really sad when the “nice girl” behaviour is seen across genders-yikes.

afternoon delight-dir. jill soloway

“i’m off hotdogs! i’m with kosher amanda-this is her resting face”

have i mentioned that the i love the library for having movies that i’ve never heard of? i’m rewarded every time I take a chance. everyone is perfectly cast and the comic timing is amazing. i’m definitely gonna check out more of jill soloway‘s work. the only thing that’s missing is peele.

the dead are more visible-steven heighton

“English resembled a sprawling bureaucracy. Hard to get a definite answer. Harder to find your way around.” (8)

“A place I could feel I belonged forever by virtue of not belonging. Never belonging. Islands always rebuff belonging.
But I was falling out of love with distance, absence.” (20, Those Who Would Be More)

“It’s a smile that enjoys itself a little too much.” (80, Outtrip)

oh, boy. i really chose this one because i promised myself i would non-movie trailer blog today, and i’m secretly giving all my attention to the re-watching of my so-called life, a show that apparently still makes me cry. i’m surprised at the ru-paul reference that just passed, and of how i’m also understanding the mother’s point of view this time around. this book was recommended by melanie, after she saw the author read sometime last year. i enjoyed the collection most of the way, i think the last few stories were dragging a bit for me. ok, that’s it. back to mscl.

above the rim-the game

“break it down devante”

for whatever reason, my branch of the library recently acquired this fine film (to appeal to my 14-year old self). the bar scene in which that h-town track plays in the background spawned an obsessive listening to that song that rivalled the current rotation of miguel’s adorn. screening this was how i spent a sleepy holiday monday (thanks, paris) post brunch with my favourite babies (thanks, nehal). this is kind of the best tho-tupac as the worst coach ever, black jesus (see the “like a prayer” video) balling, and a most curious ikea product placement. until the NBA resumes, i got my hang-time podcasts and am trying to burn the vision of paul george‘s leg out of my mind. ESPN named the raptors their third of the east (after cleveland and the chi) but does anyone else see any problems with this? just because derrick rose is looking good right now and lebron’s back in the town he shit on five years ago, doesn’t mean anything is set in stone once the regular season starts. and last year’s one and two are slated to be 6 and 9? who’s holding on the proven 3-spot from last season? oh yea, us. the countdown is on, and i’ve finished my day4/100 workouts-let’s go.

dropped on ttc: TLC-fanmail, toni braxton-the heat, adele-19
kept: amalia-makings of, rashaan patterson-debut, left-eye-solo album

this is the new phase of metrotextual that has come out of the artist’s way-i have a pile of music on my desk to be listened to and potentially passed along on public transit.

the central park five

this also came from that fruit-full trip to the fort york branch a few weeks ago. i may be mistaken, but i believe that there was an episode of ny undercover that attempted to deal with this-damn you music royalties-we need to be able to watch that show on dvd already (on a related note, i just picked up all the episodes of my so-called life from the annette st. branch, guess it will have to tide me over until i get season 2 of homeland). what i appreciate most about this power-full expose of the criminal justice system, and the parable that we have yet to learn from (see the secret trial 5 for a contemporary and ongoing example (many thoughts and prayers to the markat family)-is the wrap-up with the men about the process of making and touring the film. the blatant disregard of the need for mental health accommodations and re-entry techniques and an apology for wrongful conviction, media slander, and the loss of their youth to long prison sentences is shameful, but the choice to keep not learning-that’s almost more criminal. the fact that it took the rapist speaking up on behalf of the children he let take the rap for many years before speaks volumes on how disposable some people are, and how imbedded that fact is in our institutions and government. the fact that these men choose not to be bitter and angry, and see the sharing of their story as the therapy they were never allowed to consider is inspiring and humbling. hashtag, these are our heroes.

dear white people

kind of amazing. i’ve been thinking a lot about white girls rapping lately, and unlike a decade ago when i was so angry at that little british girl (whose name escapes me now) that my editor called me and asked me what i was going through at that point, i’m actually having pretty lucid and rational thoughts. i’m having all kinds of thoughts, and when i emerge from tea tree/castille soap/baking soda/ing every crevice of my apartment, i’m sure that i’ll put them into words. for now-if anything in this trailer offends you, it’s not the film-it’s you. feel it. accept it. think about it before rejecting it. you need it. i personally can’t wait until october 17, but it will be bittersweet-that will be two days into the post-cj at work. but at least this unrestricted free agent has negotiated a pretty sweet deal going into this season.